Idealism and Experience

The Willows Motel is a family owned and operated business.  Diana Johnson, purchased the motel in May 2012 after 2 years of being the live in manager.  She fell in love with the charm and quaintness of the property and just had to own it!  Her sons Allan and Drew are at her side, and can be seen assisting  with all aspects of the business.  The family has no outside employees.  They feel to ensure the family atmosphere and small town values, they so deeply cherish, they must be present at all times.  Therefor, the guests are assured consistancy and are able to build a relationship with the family.  Diana states "One of the best things about owning the motel is the life long friends we have made with so many of our customers.  They have become part of our extended family!"

Photo Gallery: A Look at Our Facility and Family.